The Day Shall Come



The long awaited film 'The Day Shall Come' marks the return to cinema of director Chris Morris.

Hackenbacker and Chris have a long and rich history together, starting in 1994 with the BBC show 'The Day Today' which parodied, with uncanny accuracy, news and current affairs programming. The collaboration continued with 'Jam', 'Brass Eye',  the short film 'My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117', 'Nathan Barley' and Chris's 2010 debut feature film 'Four Lions'.

Set in Miami and premiered at the SXSW festival, 'The Day Shall Come', written by Chris and Jesse Armstrong and starring Anna Kendrick, Marchant Davis and Dennis O'Hare, can be best described as a satirical black comedy, portraying the often farcical events at the heart of real life FBI operations.

The film was entirely sound designed, edited and mixed at our Soho HQ.

The dialogue and ADR was edited by Alex Sawyer.  The sound effects editors were Darren Banks and Alex Gibson. Foley, performed by Paula Boram and recorded by Ciaran Smith was edited by Philip Moroz. ADR was recorded by Oliver Brierley.

The film was re-recorded in our AMS-Neve equipped Studio One by Nigel Heath and Brad Rees;

"It was so nice to welcome Chris back into Hackenbacker for his second film" says Nigel, "I've had the honour and pleasure of mixing with Chris for over 25 years now, and on each occasion its been a fun,  boundary pushing experience. Chris is famously meticulous and there is something very satisfying about playbacks with him - you know he's listening really properly somehow, he listens as a fellow 'soundie' so, when it all  starts to come together nicely midway through the mixing period, you can chill out a teeny bit and really enjoy the micro-tweakery -  its hugely rewarding" Brad Rees adds "It was such a nice experience on the film, it was my first time in a 'Morris mix' and to see Nige and he working together at an almost instinctual level was pretty cool to be honest!" Heath continues "as usual, Chris was very across the music too, he composed some of it in fact - it sounded great, the original score by Sebastian Rochford, Jonathan Whitehead and Chris was mixed beautifully in 5.1 by the mega-talented Jake Jackson at Air Studios - it worked so well, it was a pleasure to mix into the movie. I used Penteo to upmix the stereo 'needledrop' cues into 5.1 - all in all it was a great experience, I just hope we don't have to wait another decade to work with Chris again!"

'The Day Shall Come'  opens in the US on September 27th and in the UK on October 11th.

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