Studio 3

Hackenbacker’s Studio 3 is its newest studio. Designed by White Mark, with Roger Quested monitoring, the great acoustics in this room allow us to record some of the best ADR alongside mixing for Television. We have a large selection of microphones and the Icon desk is perfect for working quickly and efficiently.

This room is one of, if not the best room in Soho to record ADR. Most of its time is spent doing just that. Our highly experienced team are masters at recording and editing dialogue and this room is perfect for the job. The room is ISDN capable, using Dolby Fax and Musicam. We also offer Source-Connect sessions.

Key Features

  • Digi-Design Icon D-Control Mixing Desk, with 32 Faders
  • Pro-Tools HD4 System with a huge selection of creative tools
  • Quested 5.1 Monitoring System
  • Projection on to a 10ft perforated Screen
  • ISDN capable – Musicam and Dolby Fax. We also offer Source Connect.
  • Focusrite Mic-Preamps with a wide selection of Microphones

Our Work

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