Tuesday, October 8, 2019

We All Stand Together


For the past 3 months, visitors to The Barbican Centre in London have been able to enjoy an exhibition of art by the multi-award winning animator Geoff Dunbar.

His much loved work includes 'The World of Peter Rabbit' 'Ubu', 'Lautrec' and collaborations with  Paul McCartney such as 'Rupert And The Frog Song', 'Tuesday', 'Tropic Island Hum' and 'Daumier's Law'

Made during the golden age of animation, before CGI and digital imaging, each film consists of thousands of handcrafted images,  photographed frame by frame to produce the illusion of movement.

Nigel Heath, Hackenbacker's founder, has worked many productions with Geoff Dunbar including "The World Of Peter Rabbit" all the McCartney collaborations, his role ranging from creating bespoke sound effects on 'Rupert' through to being part of the mixing team on 'Tropic Island Hum' and 'Tuesday'.

"I'm so very proud to have been involved in these wonderful films.  Geoff has been a friend of Hackenbacker since literally our very first day of operation and he's always a welcome visitor at our Bateman Street HQ" says Nigel "I'm so pleased that this work has been exhibited in the way it has at The Barbican and given so many people the chance to see the magic behind these productions which have brought so much joy to so many people of all ages all around the world"

Stills from 'Rupert And The Frog Song' directed by Geoff Dunbar. Executive Producers Paul and Linda McCartney.


Cells from 'Lautrec', directed by Geoff Dunbar.

Geoff Dunbar attends the exhibition at the Barbican Music Library.

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