Thursday, January 23, 2020

Peaky Blinders Series 5 - CAS Award Nomination


Hackenbacker's founder Nigel Heath, together with his co-mixer Brad Rees have had their great work on the series five finale of 'Peaky Blinders' recognised with a Cinema Audio Society Award nomination in Los Angeles.

Although Hackenbacker only worked on the last two episodes in the most recent series the team had a real blast working on the show with director Anthony Byrne.

"I loved every second of the mixes" says Nigel, "Its the kind of gig I really enjoy, getting to be bold with the music side of things and generally having a lot of sonic fun. I think Anthony and I were pretty in tune with each other so the vibe was good and the mix sessions zipped along."

Brad adds "like Nige says, we had a good time on the show, episode 6 was kinda huge sound wise, there was a lot going on and plenty of stuff for me to wrangle on my side of the board!"

Nigel is careful to credit the freelance dialogue editor on the series Adele Fletcher "we were able to fully exploit the music and effects when the show demanded it only because of the great work by Adele. We had to have good, clean, and above all clear dialogues to wrap the music and effects around - so the fabulous dialogue tracks from Adele also reaped benefits in the music and effects side of the soundtrack too - it really kicks arse!"

The 56th annual Cinema Audio Society Awards for Outstanding Mixing take place at the InterContinental Hotel Los Angeles Downtown on Saturday the 25th of January.