Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Awards News!


We're excited to have won a Music & Sound Award for our work on the Carnival Films production 'Jamestown'.

Created by Bill Gallagher the show tells the story of the first English settlers establishing a settlement in the New World.

Hackenbacker founder and Re-recording mixer on the show Nigel Heath comments:

"Its a huge honour for the entire team to win this award for Jamestown. Its a terrific show which we are all very fond of - the scope for the use of sound is enormous. John Lunn's score is sensational and is a big part of the soundtrack as a whole. The directors, producers and executives are all extremely 'sound aware' which makes it extremely rewarding to mix the show for them. I'm proud of the entire sound team's contribution to the track"

Jamestown is a Carnival Films production for Sky1.